Could it be used with a filtration system?

Yes. Filters are effective in removing dark spots from oil. With Karat-kun®, oil becomes smooth and passes through easily. Therefore, there is also a synergistic effect that the time required for filtration can be shortened.
Remove dirt with a filter and prevent oxidation with Karat-kun®… we highly recommend it.

How much is the electricity bill for Karat-kun®?

5 – 10 yen a month per unit operating 24 hours a day. Surprisingly power consumption is low.

How many tanks can this device handle for a fryer?

We have models with different outputs depending on the number and capacity of fryers. They can handle up to 1 tank and 2 tanks with a single main unit. In the case of a large continuous fryer, the number of main units can be increased according to the capacity.

Any danger in using electricity?

Edible oil is an insulator by nature, so you will not get an electric shock through the oil while the electrode plate is in the oil. In addition, even if the electrode plate is touched while the current is on, the maximum current is 1mA, having no effect on the human body therefore no need to worry.

We tested a similar device that makes oil last longer by electricity, but its effect was unclear. Any difference with Karat-kun®?

Karatto-kun® is the only device that can induce only negative direct current into the oil. “Negative only” means that the number of electrons that suppress oxidation is overwhelmingly large. Many of our customers have commented, “We tried different products before and they didn’t work, but Karatto-kun® can tell the difference clearly.”. It is not the same. Please try it.

Warranty period?

One year from the date of introduction

What shall we do in case it will be broken?

In the unlikely event that the main unit or electrode plate breaks down, remove the product and send it to the manufacturer or store.
We will immediately repair and send it back to you